Yes, that’s exactly how it a happened. Happily married city girl, that’s me, has dinner with happily married friends and by the end of the evening my girlfriend and I were laughing over her husband’s poetically waxed dream of “affordable green pastors just 35 minutes away from Portland.” On a lark and dubious curiosity we set out on a search…

Accidental Farmer - Cortney Robinson

Because your smart you know how this all turns out. But, three years ago I had no clue that while humoring my husbands desire for acreage I would fall in love - Now if anyone would have told me I’d live in a trailer with my husband, 2 toddlers and a large dog for almost a year while putting in hard time clearing acres of blackberries, managing a complete home renovation and develop a chicken habit....

Fate is a funny lady, and our wine sparked scavenger hunt turned into a love story. I found that bramble hidden gem and with the stroke of a pen my husband, my two-boys and I packed in our city lives and bought the farm.  Literally. 

Rolling up our sleeves we  “dug out and overhauled” our neglected slice of paradise and in the process I discovered wicked ‘get ‘er done” skills and new simple pleasures. 

Who knew this urban realtor could hang drywall like a boss?  Or that trading in my stilettos for mud boots would lead to my most cherished “me time” ritual of feeding the animals in the morning.

My blog Accidental Farmer  is about sharing all the dirt as in “Been there. Done that. And Dear Lord DON’T Do That. "  small farm hacks and the simple joys of life on green acres.  

I’ll start off with 7 basic things about farm living and living on a farm with two boys that I’ve learned in the last few years.

Accidental Farmer - Cortney Robinson
  1. Always take the keys out of the tractor. One five-year-old + One John Deere = no bueno.
  2. Mice happen. Don’t freak out. They are smaller than you.
  3. Nothing tastes better than eggs fresh from your own coop.  Not to mention that they’re a total tax deduction.  Score!
  4. Chickens have personalities. They grow on you. They make you laugh and then, sometimes a coyote or a hawk eats them.
  5. Misty morning fields are good for the soul. 
  6. Dirt is your friend. Resistance is futile. Acceptance bares fruits, vegetables and happy healthy children.
  7. Knowing a good handy man is like knowing the door man at a popular nightclub

Here’s to life on the farm. May you find your own dirt driveway. :)

 - Cortney

PS. There are a couple of things you should check out while your are here. One is my "Small Acreage Checklist” - this covers some of what you need to know and ask when looking for your piece of paradise.  The second thing to do is to check out  Cortney's Picks. I spend alot of time looking for the gems in Oregon and when I find them I post them. Don't miss out. As a matter of fact you might want to subscribe so you get the updates. I only send these out once a month and occasionally I send out a "You've gotta see this one" but only if it's amazing.  

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